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Personalized Treatment

Springfield Cosmetic took the time to personalize my treatment to make sure I got the best results possible for my face while keeping my personal goals in mind. I love the way I look and plan on returning. (Within a few days of my appt. I had multiple friends ask what I was doing to look so healthy and young.) Thank you!

--RK on 12/22/2012   Return To Top


They did a great job of explaining what I could expect and what they were going to do before just starting. I had already done some research on laser skin resurfacing so I was somewhat familiar with it but I appreciated the information they gave me. Plus I got great results and had none of the ill effects that I was expecting to have, which was a plus!

--Unamed on 1/3/2013   Return To Top

Newest Fan

I would like to thank the doctor and staff of Springfield Cosmetic for providing me with such a high level of excellence in both my personal care and my treatments. I would highly recommend Springfield Cosmetic to anyone looking for exemplary service combined with cutting edge technology and top quality medical procedures in a calm, private, professional environment. The treatment room is beautifully decorated and spotlessly clean, offering a level of comfort that makes you feel as pampered as any celebrity in a private spa. No detail is overlooked from the moment you walk into the spacious offices, you are welcomed by the staff, the aestheticians and personally greeted by the doctor. Everyone strives to make your visit a perfect one. No matter what procedure or treatment you are receiving, the staff takes their time ensuring your comfort and making pleasant conversation as well. It’s an experience like no other. Springfield Cosmetics offered me a respite from my busy world and created a zen-like atmosphere in which I could relax and feel rejuvenated.

When you decide upon your procedure, the aesthetician and the doctor fully inform you of any and all aspects of the treatment, taking all the time necessary for you to feel stress-free and confident that you are in excellent hands. All questions are carefully addressed and there is a sense that your well-being is the one and only concern of the entire staff. Your needs are paramount and the staff never rush or dismiss anything as unimportant. The simplest requests, the simplest questions, are all treated with professionalism, courtesy and respect.

If you are looking to do something special for yourself, something that will make you feel and look younger, more vital and alive and improve your quality of life, visit Springfield Cosmetic where you will find your dreams can truly become a reality!

--BarbaraJean Honour-Cuebas on 1/4/2013   Return To Top

Courteous Staff

Most amazing place. Personalized, professional and leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated. Highly recommend this business. Great staff and tremendous customer focus.

--Groupon Customer on 1/9/2013   Return To Top

Best Gift

The staff at Springfield Cosmetic made me feel comfortable from the moment I made my appointment. This was my first time having any kind of cosmetic treatment done so I was a little nervous at first. After talking to the staff they were able to answer all of my questions and recommend a treatment that fit my needs. After the treatment, I feel so much more confident. I really do have beautiful skin! I just needed to give it a little boost. This was one of the best gifts I have given myself. There will be more gifts to myself to come!

--Kelly Patterson on 3/1/2013   Return To Top

A New Face

I had come to the conclusion that I was going to be living under a layor of make up for the rest of my life to feel comfortable in my skin. Then I learned about the PIXEL treatments offered at Springfield Cosmetic. After 3 treatments I can say that I pretty much have a new face. I am now comfortable to be out in public in just my skin. I couldn't be happier with my results and the staff at Springfield cosmetic was outstanding. In the begining I was a little reluctant to do anything that drastic, but after talking with the staff I felt very comfortable in my decision. They were so polished and kind, and made sure I was with them 100% through every step. Now when people comment on my beautiful face I can let them in on my secret, Springfield Cosmetic.

--Cegan Hansen on 8/20/2013   Return To Top

Friendly Staff

I recently visited Springfield Cosmetic for a Botox consult.. After I walked in I was greeted by a friendly staff, and felt very comfortable as I waited. Dr. Forsyth was very friendly and thorough, and he answered all of the questions I had. I went ahead and got the treatment, and was very satisfied. Springfield Cosmetic will be my go to for any of my cosmetic needs!!

--Stephanie Gilbert on 9/16/2013   Return To Top

Friendly & Helpful

I had a wonderful experience at Springfield cosmetic. The staff is friendly and welcoming they make you feel right at home. I had a facial peel while I was there & my skins feels and looks amazing. They help anwser all my skincare questions, and gave me a trial sample of skinmedica facial cleanser which is one of the best products I've ever used on my face. I will definitely go back!

--Jennifer Watson on 10/15/2013   Return To Top

Converted Skeptic

I was always a skeptic with any kind of laser work, Botox, or Juverderm type work completed on me. My wife was first to take the adventure and it certainly proved to be one of the greatest choices she has made, of course next to marrying me. My wife was always beautiful and the work she has had completed from "Springfield Cosmetic" has excentuated her beauty. I won an IPL procedure at a show at our local Salon. I was very nervous up until the time I had the 1st one completed. The IPL procedure helps to remove dark spots or imperfections on the face. Well I have to say "BRAVO" another success story. I have noticed a big difference personally. I even had people noticed a difference that was unaware of me going through the procedure. I have just completed another IPL procedure and plan on having more. The staff at Springfield Cosmetic are all extremely professional, and will answer any questions a person might have. They also explain everything to the letter. It is simply amazing. Dr. Forsyth and staff thank you very much!!!!!!

P.S. They even have a Keurig coffee maker for the best cup in town.

--Bob Ortendahl on 2/3/2014   Return To Top

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